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Savia Art

Savia Art is a brand new hearing system with unparalleled performance and unique features. With state-of-the-art digital technology, Phonak created superb sound quality and versatile functionality.

The challenge

State-of-the-art hearing systems must meet the highest expectations in terms of performance benefits, convenience and cosmetics.

The Savia Art solution

Savia Art is the most complete line of hearing instruments, with no less than 12 models to choose from. The Savia Art range offers two micro styles which are literally invisible when worn and are the only instruments of this size to offer the most sophisticated performance features.

The Savia Art custom instruments, built to fit your ear and individual hearing needs, also offer the full spectrum of cutting edge sophistication.

The Savia Art high power solutions uniquely combine maximum audibility with highly innovative performance, to support your hearing ability in noise and your hearing comfort.

Savia Art also offers three different elegant remote control designs, for the easiest and most discreet way to control your hearing instruments. For extra help in difficult listening environments, miniaturized wireless FM systems, pioneered by Phonak, make understanding speech under extremely adverse conditions a reality.

Savia Art is available in a wide palette of color choices for all models, which allow you to further personalize your Savia Art instrument.

The result

With such a versatile palette of possibilities Savia Art is your personalized masterpiece.

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