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No one will see how much you can hear

Until now, the smallest hearing instrument design was reserved for those with mild to moderate hearing losses. With microPower, also users with a more significant hearing loss have now access to a world without compromise; where cosmetics and performance will exceed all expectations. We welcome you to the Phonak micro-family!

microPower V - The Business Class hearing instrument that offers more then expected.
microPower IX - The First Class hearing instrument for high demands.

Weighing only 2 grams, microPower is the smallest and most discreet power device in the world, offering you state-of-the-art sophisticated performance benefits.

The innovative design of microPower is based on Canal Receiver Technology (CRT). The speaker is separated from the microphone and placed in the ear canal. The microphone sits in the ultra small housing behind the ear. The sound is transmitted electronically through a special tube. By combining this clever CRT design with Phonak’s power expertise, you will enjoy unique advantages over other products in the market.

Try microPower, you will see, feel and hear the difference!

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