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The freedom to design the best sound solution

The Valeo product line with SoundSelect enables hearing solutions that directly address individual wearer sound preferences, hearing losses and needs. The unprecedented flexibility of SoundSelect partners with easy fitting to create user-friendly and comprehensive communication solutions.

With a rich range of proven features, the Valeo product line enjoys superb wearer acceptance. Ranging from a tiny CIC to compact power BTEs, it offers a harmonious combination of high-performance, value and cosmetic appeal. miniValeo, the latest addition to the Valeo product line, completes this picture by offering all the proven advantages in a truly miniature BTE format.

miniValeo - minimized to perfection

miniValeo, with a size 10 battery, has all the wonderful benefits and flexibility of the Valeo product line. It enables hearing care professionals to offer the best sound solution in an extremely attractive design.

  • Exceptional cosmetic appeal
  • Superb sound quality in all listening situations
  • Unrivalled flexibility

David A.


David A. Doerflein I am a parole officer for the State of Indiana. As such, it is essential that I am able to communicate in an effective manner.

I also play classical guitar as a hobby. I began to notice how the instrument didn't "resonate" as it used to. Additionally, I couldn't hear and enjoy high frequency sounds when listening to music.

I am only 47, and never considered that I might be suffering from hearing loss. My wife finally suggested that I visit an audiologist. The audiologist fitted me with a pair of miniValeos. Results were immediate!

Communication at work is much easier, and I can enjoy my music again. My guitar has never sounded better!

My miniValeos have greatly increased my quality of life.

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