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Supero – designed for Power

Are you looking for a digital hearing instrument for severe to profound hearing losses? Supero is dedicated to providing the necessary power for audibility, even in the presence of a significant hearing loss. Supero also maintains optimum sound quality in all situations, all of the time. A key feature is the dual feedback control that eliminates annoying whistling often associated with power amplification.

The Supero behind-the-ear model offers a powerful package of communication support measures for people with a severe to profound hearing loss.
A digital Noise Canceler reduces distracting background noise, eliminating fatigue associated with understanding in difficult environments. The multi-microphone technology intelligently zooms in on what you want to hear while suppressing background noise.

Do you regard understanding in difficult environments as important? Or do you have a hearing impaired child that uses hearing instruments at school? Then you might be interested in the optional FM receiver. It enables you to understand clearly in extreme listening situations where the distance to the speaker, background noise or reverberation impair understanding.
Would you like to operate your Supero hearing systems discreetly and comfortably? You have three choices:
  • WatchPilot, the unique remote control in an elegant wrist watch
  • SoundPilot, the reliable, ergonomic remote control
  • KeyPilot, the smart remote control on a key ring

These remote controls not only allow you to adjust the volume but also to select the active listening program or an FM function.

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