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More Design. More Performance. More Life.

Imagine a hearing solution that never compromises – the smallest possible size, elegant design, no occlusion, AND cutting-edge performance. What seemed like a dream yesterday, is a reality today – microSavia empowered by Digital Bionics.

Design without compromise

The small, ultra-slim, feather-light microSavia offers discretion, comfort and ease of use. microSavia was designed literally to disappear behind the ear, with an elegant, practically invisible, micro tube leaving the ear naturally open. The unique range of seven high-end colors, including stylish palladium, plus the new pearl and transparent variations, further enhances the cosmetic appeal of microSavia.

The smart microSavia design combines beauty with functionality. It offers the most compact housing and - thanks to its 312 battery - an astonishing long battery life.

Performance without compromise

In record-time Savia achieved benchmark status by providing outstanding performance. The numerous, revolutionary world first features result in spontaneous user acceptance and long-term satisfaction. The microSavia challenge was to reduce the size of the housing significantly, without compromising on performance. At the heart of microSavia is the Savia chip with ALL of the Savia performance features.

Fitting without compromise

The easy to use, intuitive iPFG provides an unrivalled spectrum of possibilities to integrate real client experience, and their specific listening circumstances, into fittings. The new generation DataLoggingplus provides valuable additional information on the wearer’s specific acoustic environments, their real-life use of the instruments, as well as how often they benefit from each individual feature. This information can be incorporated easily by the click of a button, to ensure a lasting good impression.

microSavia offers:

  1. Invisible hearing performance
  2. Excellent open ear sound quality
  3. Sophisticated, hassle-free automatic operation
  4. Excellent understanding, anytime, anywhere
  5. Outstanding long battery life (312 battery)
  6. Instant fast-track satisfaction
  7. The only microBTE with DataLoggingplusadvantages
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