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Your right to hear well

MAXX confirms your right to great high-tech sound quality and listening comfort no matter where you are, even in noisy places. With MAXX hearing well is not a luxury.

You can obtain MAXX as in-the-ear or as behind-the-ear models.


In-the-Ear models

For mild-to-moderate hearing losses MAXX is available as an ITE model from the hardly visible CIC to the more powerful ITE.


Behind-The-Ear models

The MAXX behind-the-ear models offer all features and can be used for nearly all degrees of hearing loss. Available in a wide variety of colors.

PowerMAXX is the latest addition to the MAXX family - a digital very high power BTE in a 13 battery housing.

Do you regard understanding in difficult environments as important? Or do you have a hearing impaired child that uses hearing instruments at school? Then you might be interested in the optional FM receiver. It enables you to understand clearly in extreme listening situations where the distance to the speaker, background noise or reverberation impair understanding.
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