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Eleva will change your expectation of what a mid range hearing system offers

Phonak has revolutionized the high end and value segments by introducing Savia and eXtra.
Now, with Eleva, Phonak extends its Digital Bionics based product generation to the mid segment. By introducing Eleva, Phonak’s new standard in hearing performance is now available in all segments.

Intuitive. Responsive. Smart

To truly transform the current hearing landscape, a hearing system needs to offer a range of unique features that make it:

  • Intuitive - by automatically adapting to sound environments and hearing needs
  • Responsive - to ensure optimal speech understanding
  • Smart- in terms of design and fitting

The complete Eleva product family – ranging from a tiny CIC, an elegantly-designed microBTE to a powerful BTE – comprises the right set of features to make it the most intuitive, responsive, and smart hearing system of its segment.

Like the other products of its generation, Eleva is based on Digital Bionics. Unique to Phonak and inspired by nature, Digital Bionics implements the unique capabilities of biological systems using state of the art digital technology.
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