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Innovation inspired by Nature

To fly like a bird and swim like a fish have always been mankind’s dreams. In a sense, th

American air force major J.E. Steele coined the term “bionics” at a congress in 1960. It literally referred to “learning from nature to apply to technology”.

The term was new, but the idea was not. Experiments to copy concepts that existed in nature and biological systems have been conducted since the 16th century. However, most of them did not lead to immediate success because bionics that intends to copy nature 1:1 is doomed for failure and has little in common with science.

Nature may supply the idea to scientists, but they then need to apply their scientific methodology to develop a new bionic tool. As history shows, when scientists use nature as an inspiration for technological, independent developments, amazing results can be achieved.

Is what the field of bionics is all about ?

Here you can get to know our new, exciting products and innovative technologies, as well as reacquaint yourself with existing favorites. You will experience a full range of products in all price ranges, combining modern design with state-of-the-art technology. Be it the market leading Perseo, top-of-the-class MAXX or the unique synthesized FM products - we constantly deliver innovative solutions for improving the lives of people with a hearing impairment. Enjoy the world of Phonak.

Are you interested in hearing instruments ?

As the kind and degree of hearing loss varies from person to person, there are different hearing instrument models which are tailored to specific hearing losses and which take into account personal needs.
Savia Art
The masterpice of hearing performance
Natural wisdom captured in technology
Intuitive. Responsive. Smart.
more than you ever expected
Solo T+
offers fast and successful fitting, anywhere
The wonderful World of Sound
Your right to hear well
No one will see how much you can hear
Designed for Power
Would you like to know more about wireless solutions ?

Wireless communication systems (FM systems) enable clear understanding in situations where distance, loud environmental noises and other factors make hearing difficult.

Which accessories are available from Phonak ?

The remote controls and CleanLine-Products available for the cleaning and maintenance of hearing instruments are presented here.

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